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Zoom Solace Set Bundle  - Gold

Solace Set Bundle - Gold

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Metal Colour: Gold

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Product Details

Individually stunning, these pieces truly come alive when worn together, creating a cohesive ensemble that effortlessly complements your style. Whether you're adding a touch of edge to your everyday attire or elevating your evening ensemble with a hint of sophistication, the Solace Earrings and Necklace Bundle offers endless versatility and styling options.


925 sterling silver base

18k gold plated


SLC logo attached to clasp

Black garnet gemstone 

Chain length 50cm

Care Instructions

  • Clean Regularly: Use a soft cloth to gently clean your jewellery and remove any dirt or oils.
  • Avoid Chemicals: Keep jewelry away from harsh chemicals like perfume and household cleaners to prevent damage.
  • Store Safely: Store jewellery in a dry, cool place, ideally in a jewelry box or pouch, to prevent scratches and tangling.
  • Handle with Care: Be gentle when handling delicate pieces, especially those with intricate designs or gemstones.
  • Professional Maintenance: Have your jewellery professionally inspected and cleaned periodically to maintain its quality and appearance.

Solace Set Bundle - Gold

$220.00 Regular price $258.00


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